Bob Go - What is the 30-day free trial?

Bob Go - What is the 30-day free trial?

What do you get from the 30-day free trial?
  1. Gold plan benefits
    1. Get all of the benefits of a Gold plan – including a discount on shipping rates.
  2. Full Bob Go functionality
    1. You can experience Bob Go at its best – enjoy the full functionality of the system.
  3. No commitment
    1. Use Bob Go with no strings attached. No subscription fees. No questions asked.

The Bob Go 30-day free trial provides an excellent way to try out the system before you commit to it. Not only do you get to test the full functionality of Bob Go, but you get all of the benefits of a Gold plan. This includes multiple sender addresses, excellent shipping rates and ten user accounts. 

During the 30-day free trial, you can experiment, play and ship as much as you please. After the trial has expired, you can decide if Bob Go is for you: If not, no questions asked. If you loved it, you can pick a plan and join the Bob Go family.

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