What Bob Go plan should I pick?

What Bob Go plan should I pick?

It is important to note that you benefited from Gold plan rates on your trial account. So, if you decide to sign up for the Blue, Bronze or Silver plan, the discounts on shipping rates would be less than what you experienced on the trial account.

The main factor to consider when choosing your Bob Go plan is the number of SHIPMENTS you expect to make in a month:
  • On the FREE plan, you will be able to make a maximum of 25 orders per month with no sales channels. 
  • On the BLUE plan, you will be able to make a maximum of 50 orders per month, with two sales channels
  • On the BRONZE plan, you will be able to make a maximum of 250 orders per month, with three sales channels
  • On the SILVER plan, you will be able to make a maximum of 750 orders per month, with five sales channels
  • On the GOLD plan, you will be able to make a maximum of 2 000 orders per month, with ten sales channels. 
Because our plans run month-to-month, you can upgrade at any time should you reach your limit before the end of the month. If you upgrade mid-month, we will charge you a pro-rata amount based on the value of the plan you’re upgrading to and the number of days left in the month. 

But if you expect your orders to be, for example, more than 250 per month, it would not make sense to start off with the Bronze plan and then upgrade to Silver mid-month. If you do this, you will miss out on all the extra shipping discounts you would have had if you started out on the Silver plan. The discounts on shipping rates add up quickly if you do a lot of shipments and will outweigh the monthly subscription cost.

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